We have moved to Temecula, California, also known as Temecula Wine Country!  


From our humble beginnings in a garage in Valley Center, California in 1981, this family-owned and operated business has grown to become the leader in the world for the niche industry of Embossing and Thermographic powder. 

With a a unique, customized industrial manufacturing plant, and a highly trained staff, Thermoboss® Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of the finest powders in the world, used for for the thermographic raised letter printing industry, and the Embossing Enamel Rubber Stamping, Artistic Jewelry making and other artistic, creative applications. 

The products include crystal clear, metallic, pearlescent and laser-safe powders, which are used on letterhead, business cards, social announcements, certificates and greeting cards. Whenever you feel raised lettering on those items, there's a good chance that the powder that created that effect is Therm-O-Boss powder. In fact, our exclusive products have been used to add beauty and excitement to printed materials for over thirty years.

In fact, we have now developed a NEW! PRESTO powder that lets printers run up to 100% FASTER — saving money on press time, labor, and overhead.

As a manufacturer, we sell strictly at wholesale to art companies, crafting, and hobby product distributors, and commercial thermographers all around the world. 

Virtually every colored powder, with or without glitter, you see in rubber stamp stores, arts and crafts stores and catalogs likely originally came from this company! All of our products are certified non-toxic, and comply with all industrial and consumer standards for safety.

Enjoy browsing our website for ideas and what you may be interested in ordering. There's a lot more here than what you see in most stores and catalogs, and a lot more not even shown here, so if your retailer or distributor doesn't have what you want, just let us know. If you have creative ideas, we can help! 

We're dedicated to Research and Development, continuously producing new and innovative products and methods for rubber stampers, artists and thermographers.

We look forward to working with you!