Thermoboss® Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of the finest thermographic powder, also known as "embossing powder." It is used by commercial printers to make the familiar raised-lettering and images commonly found on business cards and stationery, social announcements, and greeting cards. Artists and crafters use the many-hued powders to create images in the rubber stamping and artistic projects so popular with scrapbookers and memory makers. The powders can also be used to create fine art and enamel-like finishes on a variety of surfaces, making this a versatile and exciting medium for all manner of creativity. With over 250 colors and finishes from which to choose, there is something for every printer, scrapbooker, memory-maker, and fine artist the world over.   Just email us at customerservice@thermoboss.com and we will help you make your colorful imagination a reality!

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